For Pro plan customers and above you have the option of adding 1 custom domain per brand.

To add a custom domain, login to your dashboard - and click on the Brands tab.

Then click the + icon next to the Custom Domain title and a window will appear to enter your custom domain name.

Remember to only add the domain name, no www, http:// or https:// - for example: then click SAVE.

Next you will see another window appear with the nameservers your need to update on your domain registrar. i.e. GoDaddy, NameCheap, 1and1, names, 123reg etc.

Next, open a new browser tab or window and log in to your domain registrar, go to the domain setting for the domain you want to use with VASTCLICKS and look for the DNS settings.

You should see an option for nameservers. Add or replace the existing nameservers with the NS records above highlighted in the red bulleted list and save your settings.

Come back to your VASTCLICKS dashboard and click the VERIFY button, if the status remains Unverified, try again in a couple of hours. 

It is fine to leave the Brands tab and continue using VASTCLICKS or log out and come back later. 

When you return to check your custom domains status, click back into your Brands tab and click on the brand you are adding the custom domain to. 

Then click the green eye icon to reopen the DNS Settings window shown above and retry the VERIFY button. Once the status turns green and says Verified you are ready to go, all links created now under this brand will contain your custom domain name.

NOTE: DNS changes can take 12 - 48 hours to update, however it is worth checking every few hours as some services are quicker than others. 


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