To create your first overlay CTA, head to the Manage section on the left hand navigation and select CTAs.

Once you are on the CTAs page, click the large green + icon to the right of the screen and the CTA wizard will open.

All the text that you see on the overlay can be edited simply by highlighting it, hitting delete and typing in your new copy.

To start to customize the colors, image or change template, clicks the OPTIONS button on the bottom right of the screen.

There are a couple of settings that are compulsory before you can save your new CTA. 

You need to specify a CTA Name, ideally something that is easy to identify which CTA you are referring to. As later when you go to add this CTA to an overlay link, you will selected it based on this name. 

Next, you need to choose what your CTA button will do?

You can either direct your visitor to a URL destination, a phone number (which will launch the devices default dialler to make the call) or an email address.

Lastly, and this is optional but we recommend changing the CTA image. This is done by dragging an image onto the logo box area on the sidebar, or clicking the logo box area to select and upload an image.

Note: The maximum file size for a logo is 1MB and we recommend images to be square.

You will now be able to save your CTA by clicking the green SAVE button.

To change your CTA to one of the other templates we offer, click on the CTA Type drop down where you will find the Video Banner and Modal options.

The Video Banner is a great way to attract the attention of your visitor. Although they have to click play to view the video, the video plays in the CTA bar and can include sound.

Note: The maximum file size for a video is 25MB

You are also required to add a poster image, this works as a backup should for any reason your video fail to load.

The other template option is the Modal. The Modal can either appear from the left or the right side and is a great way to get your call-to-action across in a more subtle manor.  

Now that you are familiar with the different CTA types, lets look at changing colors and starting to customize the CTA for your brand. Start by clicking on the Styles tab, which will reveal all the color options and elements you can change. 

Inside the style tab, you will see options for all the elements that make up your CTA. To change an element color, either click and drag the cursor to the color you want, choose one of the presets options or if you know the HEX / RGBA code for the color you are after, add it here.

The Animations tab is where you will find the Effect and Display options. To make your CTAs catch your readers eye, we have added a number of visual effects including bounce, flash, shake, pulse and many more.

Also under the Animations tab you will find the Display options, from here you can choose to immediately show your CTA or delay it 2, 5 or 10 seconds. This is useful for example if you want to slide a side modal CTA onto the page, as your reader is scrolling through the article.

Once you have you created your CTA exactly the way you want it and all the required fields are populated as shown in the example above, all that remains to do is click the green SAVE button.

Once you successfully saved your CTA it will be added in your CTA overview list. At any point you can click the ACTIONS button and edit, duplicate or delete a CTA.

Why would I want to duplicate a CTA? 

This is the quickest way to create a CTA variation to use in a split test (available on the Pro plan and above). When you duplicate a CTA, all you have to do is give it a new name and then make the changes you want to test. For example, different element colors, a different headline, different button text, perhaps try a modal instead of the logo bar or a different offer? So have fun testing lots of variations.


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