To add an Overlay link start by selecting the Magnet option in the side menu under the Links section.

Once you are on the Overlay Links page, if it is your first link you will be prompted in the alert box to "Create one". Otherwise click the circular green + icon and a window will appear to enter your article URL.

In this example we are going to use an article from, paste the URL and then click the green SAVE button. 

You will now see your first Magnet link listed displaying details on the target site you wish to share, your new custom URL, the number of hit the link has had, when it was created and the action options. These include being able to edit, copy, share and delete your Magnet link. 

You will also notice a copy icon next to your Magnet shortened URL, this is a great shortcut to quickly copy the link to then paste it.

Another shortcut to edit the link is by clicking on the Target articles title. This and selecting Actions and Edit will take you into the links advanced settings and stats.

On this page you can:

  1. Copy or preview your link.
  2. Add a Custom Slug to your link (you must have a custom domain added to your brand). 
  3. Deactivate specific retargeting pixels if you only want this link to fire certain ones.
  4. Add you Overlay CTAs
  5. View all your links analytics on the Stats tab
  6. Share your link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Buffer using the shortcut icons

Before you share your link, its vital that you add at least 1 Overlay CTA to your link.

Under the Attached CTAs section you will be prompted that you need to attach one. Either click the Attach one link or click the + icon on the top right of the Attached CTAs section. 

This will open the CTAs window where you can select via a drop down which of your CTAs you wish to attach to this link. 

For Pro plans and above customers, you will have the ability to split test up to 3 CTAs against each other. When you add more than 1 CTA you will be prompted to set a threshold, for example, 20. This means that each CTA will be rotated and displayed 20 times, thereafter the CTA with the best CTA (click through rate) will be shown to future visitors. 

Once you save your selected CTAs, they will be listed in the Attached CTAs section as shown below. Here you can see the individual Impressions, Clicks and CTR% per CTA to assess how it is performing.

At any point, you can remove an attached CTA, add a new CTA or create an A/B test by clicking the + icon in the top right of the Attached CTAs section. 

The Stats tab give you a better understanding as to how your link is performing. 

On this page, you can see your total impressions (which is someone who has clicked your link to read the article) your total clicks (which is someone clicking through on your CTA button) and the CTR (click through rate) percentage. 

Next, to these totals, you will see a smaller number in brackets, this number represents the total unique impressions and clicks your link has received. 

You can also see a visual chart for impressions and clicks, which covers the last 10 days.


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