On the standard plan you can only add a single retargeting pixel. Pro plan and above you can add multiple pixels and tracking scripts per brand.

To get started jump over to your brand page and click on your brand.

You will now see the section for Retargeting Pixels and next to it the + icon to add your first pixel, this will load the pixel entry window.

Select the 'Type' drop down to view pixels we currently support by adding only your Pixel ID.

In this example we have added our Facebook Pixel ID and hit the green SAVE button.

The Facebook retargeting pixel is now added and will be applied to every link you create under this brand. If you wish to check your pixel code, under Action click the eye icon and a preview window will display the exact code attached to your links. 

At any point if you wish to delete a pixel, again under Action click the trash icon for the pixel you wish to permanently remove.

If you wish to add retargeting for an ad network we do not currently list, you have the option of adding a custom entry. Select custom from the Type drop down, give you pixel a name, select where in the page you need it to load and paste the pixel code in the code field before saving. 

It is also worth noting that we have added the option to apply your new pixel code to existing links. This means that are already in circulation or already being used in your campaigns, the next time they are clicked your new pixel will also fire.


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